Revisions to University Module Questions

Both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan have moved to using the following common set of university module items (UMI) starting in Winter Term 1, Fall 2021.

  1. Throughout the term, the instructor explained course requirements so it was clear to me what I was expected to learn.
  2. The instructor conducted this course in such a way that I was motivated to learn.
  3. The instructor presented the course material in a way that I could understand.
  4. Considering the type of class (e.g., large lecture, seminar, studio), the instructor provided useful feedback that helped me understand how my learning progressed during this course.
  5. The instructor showed genuine interest in supporting my learning throughout this course.
  6. Overall, I learned a great deal from this instructor.

Response options for all questions above: strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree.

A set of open-ended questions are included on surveys on both campuses as well as of Fall 2021:

  1. Do you have any suggestions for what the instructor could have done differently to further support your learning?
  2. Please identify what you consider to be the strengths of this course.
  3. Please provide suggestions on how this course might be improved.

Process for revising the questions

To address the recommendation by the SEoT Working Group in May 2020 to revise the existing University questions, the SEI Implementation Committee developed an 8-step project plan (see the figure below). The final questions were developed after an in-depth review of the existing questions and the questions put forward by the SEoT Working group. We used a mixed-methods approach, including focus groups with students and faculty, think-aloud interviews with students, a pilot survey of the new questions with students, and conducted a quantitative analysis of how the questions functioned in the pilot survey. The new questions were approved by the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee at UBCV and the Learning and Research Committee at UBCO in August 2021.

The new questions were approved by the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee at UBCV and the Learning and Research Committee at UBCO in August 2021 to be used in student surveys starting in Fall 2021. Please see the report presented to these committees on the question testing process and results, for more information.

Previous university-level questions on both campuses

UBC Vancouver

  1. The instructor made it clear what students were expected to learn.
  2. The instructor communicated the subject matter effectively.
  3. The instructor helped inspire interest in learning the subject matter.
  4. Overall, evaluation of student learning (through exams, essays, presentations, etc.) was fair.*
  5. The instructor showed concern for student learning.
  6. Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher.

Rating scale: Strongly Agree (5), Agree (4), Neutral (3), Disagree (2), Strongly Disagree (1).

*Rating scale for Question 4: Strongly Agree (5), Agree (4), Neutral (3), Disagree (2), Strongly Disagree (1), Not Applicable.

UBC Okanagan

Course Questions

  1. Textbook and/or assigned readings contributed strongly to this course.
  2. I found the course content challenging.
  3. I consider this course an important part of my academic experience.
  4. I would rate this course as very good.

Instructor Questions

  1. Students were treated respectfully.
  2. The instructor was available to students outside class.
  3. The instructor responded effectively to students’ questions.
  4. The instructor demonstrated a broad knowledge of the subject.
  5. The instructor showed enthusiasm for the subject matter.
  6. The instructor encouraged student participation in class.
  7. The instructor set high expectations for students.
  8. The instructor fostered my interest in the subject matter.
  9. The instructor effectively communicated the course content.
  10. The instructor used class time effectively.
  11. Where appropriate, the instructor integrated research into the course material.
  12. The instructor provided effective feedback.
  13. Given the size of the class, assignments and tests were returned within a reasonable time.
  14. The evaluation procedures were fair.
  15. I would rate this instructor as very good.

*Rating scale for all questions: Strongly Agree (5), Agree (4), Neutral (3), Disagree (2), Strongly Disagree (1), Not Applicable.