Other Activities

The May 2020 report to Senates on student evaluations of teaching also included recommendations for a more holistic approach to evaluating teaching, and for further analyses of results:

Units should be supported to adopt a scholarly and integrative approach to evaluation of teaching (Recommendation 10)

  • The Student Experience of Instruction Implementation Committee is working on a discussion paper about what it might mean to take a holistic approach to evaluating teaching that integrates multiple sources of data. This paper will include a brief literature review, a review of teaching evaluation practices at UBC, examples of holistic evaluation practices at other universities, and a set of recommendations. This paper will feed into work on revising Senate policies on teaching evaluation, which is expected to commence through Senate processes in Fall 2021.

UBC should prioritize work to extract information from text/open comments submitted as part of the feedback process (Recommendation 12)

  • The Student Experience of Instruction Implementation Committee is investigating automated processes that can help instructors better glean meaning from large amounts of text, to use to reflect on students’ experience of their teaching. A pilot test of one such system developed at UBC is taking place in Fall 2021, with faculty who volunteer their data for the purpose of testing the system.

UBC needs additional and regularized analysis of our own data to answer questions related to potential bias, starting with instructor ethnicity, as it is frequently highlighted as a potential source of bias in the literature on student evaluation of teaching (Recommendation 13)

  • The Student Experience of Instruction Implementation Committee is working with PAIR and the Equity and Inclusion Office on a process and workflow for gathering this data and conducting analyses to test for bias. Adequate data for reliable analyses will not be available until after a revised employment equity survey is rolled out in Fall 2021.