1. A modular, multi-perspective design endorsed in principle by the Senate at its May 2006 meeting shall be adopted to take into account the multiple stakeholders in need of Student Evaluations of Teaching data (students, teachers, departments, faculties, and the University).
  2. Data can be collected through mechanisms as diverse as traditional paper forms and a centrally administered web-based evaluation platform. Regardless of delivery mechanism, Faculties are responsible for providing certain data to the University on a timely basis for reporting.
  3. In addition to modules contributed by departments, Faculties and the Provost Office, individual teachers may elect to include a personal module for which the data collected will be confidential to that teacher.
  4. The instruments used to obtain student evaluations shall carry a copy of this statement:
    The University recognizes the importance of high quality teaching for the academic preparation of its students and accordingly requires that teachers be annually evaluated by procedures which include provision for assessments by students. Students are advised that submissions containing malicious or otherwise inappropriate comments will be discarded. Except for confidential questions used solely for the benefit of an individual teacher, the University will use data from student evaluations of teaching to improve the learning environment of the University. In addition the University will use this data for operational purposes, including but not limited to assessment of faculty for promotion, tenure and institutional recognition.
  5. Paper forms shall carry an additional statement that:
    Students may wish to print their comments to avoid recognition of their handwriting.