University Module Items results

The University encourages instructors to agree to publish the results of the University Module Items (UMIs) on a secure University website. (Note: Only published UMI results before Winter 2018 are available currently, as a new website is being developed.)

Results are presented for some courses. Reasons that courses may not appear include:

  • Course enrolment is less than 5
  • It is the instructor’s first year of teaching at UBC
  • It is the first time that a course has been offered at UBC
  • The course has multiple instructors
  • The instructor has chosen not to have results posted

Given the reasons above, no inferences should be drawn if results are not available.

Results may be viewed by some members of the University community. To access the secure website, you will need to sign in with your CWL.

Individual and aggregate results

As noted in the menu at left, information is also available about individual results reports (including individual results prior to 2018 Winter 1), aggregate reports for units, programs, or faculties, and conversion of previous metrics into new metrics.